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The Board of Directors of the RWUEA welcomes you to our official web-site. All former employees of Western Union or any of its subsidiaries are encouraged to join our association.

We produce a quarterly newsletter that reports on monthly, quarterly and other gatherings around the country at various local WU Retirees groups. The newsletter also provides up-to-date information on events occurring throughout the country. Other sections of the newsletter include reporting current information on the “new” WU, nostalgic stories and photos from the “old- days”, recent deaths and obituaries (see below). Information about current members of our association can be provided by emailing one of the following: or

We invite you to click on our site categories below for more information. An application form is included on the “Contact Us” page.





If you are a retiree with a Prudential Life Insurance plan

you must now pay premiums directly to Prudential on a quarterly basis.

If you have any questions, call Prudential Customer Service at 1-800-778-3827.


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For information about Pensions Payments or for any personal updates such as direct deposit or change of address, call the U.S. Bank Retirement Payment Representative at 1-800-843-2399. This number should also be used for reporting a retiree death as the U.S. Bank now handles receiving retiree death notification. The WU Pension Service Center will then follow up with the caller as required.

If you are looking for the contact information for Western Union Pensions or Health Benefits, those are:
Pensions – WU Pension Service Center Phone:1-800-811-0684, M-F, 6AM-5PM PACIFIC TIME
Box #114
1001 16th ST, B-180
Denver, CO 80265

Fax: 1-720-904-3602

Health Benefit Plans – WU Benefits Call Center
1-866-651-1484, M-F, 6:30AM-8PM, CENTRAL TIME

Life Insurance - Prudential Customer Service, 1-800-778-3827

A sister site with additional information and many items of interest can be reached by email at:


Western Union is sending out two different communications:

- Western Union Pensioners will be receiving a letter informing them that the Western Union Financial Services, Inc Pension Plan will merge with the Western Union Pension Plan at the end of 2010.  This change will not have any effect on the amount or timing of the benefit you are receiving.  The letter provides a number for you to call if you have any questions.

 Western Union is responsible for the management and funding of both plans.  The administration of the plans is handled by Towers Watson - formerly Watson Wyatt.

- Those individuals either still actively employed by Western Union or no longer working for Western Union but who are vested and entitled to a pension (either now or at a later date) will receive their annual pension plan benefit statement for 2010.  They will also be informed of the planned merger of the two pension plans in the letter they receive, and that the planned merger will have no effect on their pension entitlement.   The letter asks you to check your statement carefully and contact the benefits service center if you feel there are any discrepancies. (If you feel that you are entitled to a Western Union pension and do not receive a letter in the next week or so, you should contact the Western Union Retirement Service Center at 1-800-811-0684.  You will need to provide your social security number, date of birth and zip code in order for the Service Center to assist you.  Be prepared to furnish details about your Western Union employment - locations, dates, etc.)    

A subsequent letter with additional information about the merger will be sent to all active/former employees, either in payment status or entitled to a future benefit, as the planned merger date gets nearer.











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