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Retired Western Union Employees Association


The Board of Directors of the RWUEA welcomes you to our official web-site. All former employees of Western Union or any of its subsidiaries are encouraged to join our association.

We produce a quarterly newsletter that reports on monthly, quarterly and other gatherings around the country at various local WU Retirees groups. The newsletter also provides up-to-date information on events occurring throughout the country. Other sections of the newsletter include reporting current information on the "new" WU, nostalgic stories and photos from the "old- days", recent deaths and obituaries. Information about current members of our association can be provided by emailing a request to Some members have advised us that they do not wish any information given out and, in such cases, the requestor will be advised that no information is available.

We invite you to click on our site categories below for more information. An application form is included on the "Contact Us" page.

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